Dancing Poznań 2014  16-23 August 2014

The phenomenon of dance involves the constant exchange of stimulating all senses, expressive system of signs, to and from the recipient, in which the technique is a mean to an end, to the goal itself.

What contemporary dance is searching for is an image, in which the past canonical divisions are getting less valid. The sign of today’s dance scene is crossing the borders and individual, original exploration of movement, where the fusion of different techniques and styles is becoming a standard. Such offer you will also find in the programme of this year’s 21st International Modern Dance Workshops – Dancing Poznań 2014.

While participating in classes look for your own, personal movement, even during group dancing try to mark it with your unique intention.

Discover the dance and discover yourself in dance.

Prof. Ewa Wycichowska
Artistic director of Dancing Poznań 2014.



Ewa Wycichowska
Artistic Director of
Dancing Poznań 2014

Katarzyna Anioła    
Organizing Director of
Dancing Poznań 2014 

Press Spokeswoman
Jagoda Ignaczak


Dancing Poznań 2014

         Dancing Poznań 2014         Dancing Poznań 2014        

The workshops starts
 on the August 16 from the fourth lesson (14:30)
It ends
 on the August, 23 after the third lesson (14:10)