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Technology Lab | CREATIVE LABS 2017
lab technologii
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michał krawczak
lab twórcze

Trwa nabór na Laboratoria Twórcze, które ruszają już w sierpniu w Polskim Teatrze Tańca

Wyobrażamy sobie „Laboratoria” jako specyficzną przestrzeń do nabywania nowych kompetencji, poszukiwań twórczych, zdobywania nowej wiedzy i umiejętności. Tym projektem wychodzimy naprzeciw pojawiającemu się nowemu modelowi funkcjonowania kultury, w którym wspólna praktyka to nierzadko badania i/lub praca laboratoryjna.


Body and sonic space / technology laboratory

14.08. - 19.08.2017 | 16.30 - 21.30 | Venue: Adam Mickiewicz University and classes in urban space and in nature


How to work with technology in art? How to conduct research in art using technology? Where does the "natural" experience end and it starts "technological"? We will seek answers to these and other questions during laboratory classes. All practical exercises will be connected with the essential issues of contemporary art and science - so that art, science and technology will be a common perspective of perceiving reality. A special tool that we will explore will be the sound and mechanisms of its somatic experience. We will therefore treat the sound not only as an audible acoustic wave, but also as an element of space that interacts directly with our body.

The result of the work will be the joint creation of a performance space based on sound installation, video projection and sound objects (the final form will be the result of interaction between laboratory participants).

During the laboratory classes, we plan to implement two areas of issues related to contemporary art and science:

1. Molecular aesthetics and sound ecology

2. Psychogeology and biocommunication


In the first area, we will discuss the latest concepts of molecular aesthetics, transversiveness of sound experience, sonic mechanisms of space, body hearing, experience of sound in motion (as well as experience of movement in the sound space) etc. The second area is a clash with fascinating theories about contemporary psychogeological conceptions, systematizing the human experience of what is "animated" and "inanimate", postulating the understanding of geology as a source of life and psychological processes. In this part, we will also be interested in modern biocommunication, bioacoustic and biosemiotic mechanisms described in scientific research.

All these issues, although they seem to be very complicated and theoretical, will serve us first of all as extending the cognitive perspective to creative activities. During our intensive laboratory they will be used as tools for practical work with technology.

During the meetings, we will use various forms of work - including technical workshop, during which we will work on the installation or implementation of experiments in various spaces (open / closed, natural / urban).


The workshop is intended for people open to transdisciplinary and experimental activities, practitioners and theoreticians of all fields, students and graduates.


We provide all tools for work. We expect participants and very open heads from participants.


Leading: Agnieszka Jelewska / Michał Krawczak


Humanities / Art / Technology Research Center UAM




What do you need to do to participate in the labs?


Just send your application to the following address: The participants will be notified individually about the recruitment results by email to the address provided in the application by 1st July 2017. Participation in the laboratories is free under the condition that the participant will be present in all classes.


What should the application contain?


The application should contain: a motivation letter with CV and information about the participant's expectations.


Curator of Creative Laboratories: Anna Królica


Organizer: Movements Factory Foundation

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Partner: Polish Dance Theatre

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The project is co-financed by City Poznań.

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