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Age Lab | CREATIVE LABS 2017
Laboratorium wieku
Laboratorium wieku
Age Lab | CREATIVE LABS 2017

Creative labs are based on process work in integrated transdisciplinary artistic activities. We envisage the labs as a space to acquire new competences, to pursue artistic explorations, to gain new skills and knowledge. This project is an attempt to open up to a new model of the functioning of culture, where shared practice is often research and/or lab work.

Age Lab. Movement and theatre workshops for people in all age 

14.08.-18.08. and 21.08.-25.08 | 18.00 – 19.30 | Venue: Polish Dance Theatre

(Social integration through dance and theater. Artistic workshops for the residents of Wielkopolska in cooperation with the Polish Dance Theater)

Our lab is designed for anyone who wants to get to know and learn the basic tools and means of expression of the dance theater artist. The joint research space will be animated by director Marcin Liber and choreographer Iwona Pasińska. Work on selected scenes anchored in the dramatic texts of Polish literature will enable and trigger common experience around the folk and people of dance. Freeing the expression of the body and the latitude of energy availability dormant in it will serve to build theatrical and dance episodes that will contribute to the performance event presented to the audience at the end of our joint theater-movement explorations. The age lab is especially for people who recognize their age as an obstacle to star a personal "trial" with theater and dance, drama and movement, expressiveness and spontaneity... We would like to invite everyone who is ready to try to redirect text to body, explore body condition at words, open to research in the Polish tradition, but also in the history of their own, recording the dance as an expression of emotions, community or feast. 

Leading: Iwona Pasińska, Marcin Liber

Number of participants: no limits




What do you need to do to participate in the labs?


Just send your application to the following address: The participants will be notified individually about the recruitment results by email to the address provided in the application by 1st July 2017. Participation in the laboratories is free under the condition that the participant will be present in all classes.


What should the application contain?


The application should contain: a motivation letter with CV and information about the participant's expectations.


Curator of Creative Laboratories: Anna Królica


Organizer: Movements Factory Foundation

Pobierz obrazki

Partner: Polish Dance Theatre

Pobierz obrazki

The project is co-financed by City Poznań.