Tue, 05/29/2018 - 16:01
Adaptation of the buildings located in Poznań at Taczaka Street (including renovation of the tenement house) for cultural purposes of the Polish Dance Theater with equipment

Project entitled ADAPTATION OF BUILDINGS LOCATED IN POZNAŃ AT TACZAKA STREET (INCLUDING THE RENOVATION OF THE THENEMENT HOUSE) FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES OF THE POLISH DANCE THEATER WITH EQUIPMENT is implemented under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program Priority Axis 4 "Environment" Measure 4.4 "Preserving, protecting, promoting and developing the natural heritage and cultural" Sub-measure 4.4.1 “Investments in the area of ​​cultural heritage of the region" competition No. RPWP.04.04.01-IZ-00-30-0012/16.

The aim of the project is to protect the world's unique cultural heritage - Polish dance art and Polish Dance Theater - initiated by Conrad Drzewiecki and to create conditions for its proper development and promotion.

The subject of the project is the adaptation of a tenement house located in Poznań at 8th Taczaka Street and the neighbouring building located at 9a Taczaka Street for the needs of the Polish Dance Theater. The adaptation primarily includes the construction of a studio venue with an area of ​​at least 200 m2, which will enable the creation of performances shown on stages of other theaters and cultural centers in Poznań, Wielkopolska, in Poland and abroad, and organizing artistic events for about 150 spectators.

Value of the project: PLN 11,667 180.81

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 8 059 921.69




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