Sun, 01/01/2017 - 12:00
The Year of Sorcerers

“The Year of Sorcerers” at the Polish Dance Theatre, 2017

2017, The Year of Sorcerers is focused thematically on traditions and rituals, beliefs and myths, magic and superstition, the year offers reflection on the co-existence of worlds: material and spiritual, past and present; on the inextricable knot of Slavic and Christian notions, as well as the still vivid phantasms of Polish Romanticism. Combining the themes of folk culture with masterpieces of literature. The Year of Sorcerers reveals various shades of the Polish imaginary. It  marks the opening of the four-year artistic programme launched by Iwona Pasińska, artistic director of the Polish Dance Theatre, in which each subsequent year will revolve around other discourses of Polish identity.

“Forefathers’ Eve: Triptych”
May 25-27, 2017

“Forefathers’ Eve: Triptych”is a cycle of three premieres presented as an agon. Approached in three instalments, the theme of Adam Mickiewicz’s Dziady (Forefather’s Eve) creates a unique platform for artistic competition, enabling the audience to triple their artistic, aesthetic and intellectual experience, and inviting them to join in the discourse on the contemporary reinterpretations of the work and the traditions it addresses.

“The Bitterness” Kaya Kołodziejczyk
“Let the living bury the dead” Aleksandra Dziurosz & Tomasz Szczepanek
“Kinetic exercises/biological ritual” Tomasz Bazan

Creative Laboratories
August 2017

Polish Dance Theatre is pleased to invite everyone to an interdisciplinary cycle of artistic workshops organised within a module of creative, process-based work. The project involves the participation of students and graduates in the “artists’ workshop”, with artists-pedagogues sharing their share experience and introducing participants to the arcane of their work in the course of master classes.


The subsequent years will introduce the following lead themes:

2018: The Year of Gods, focusing on Polish revisions (religious, political, social), usurpers and role models, categorisations and abnegations.

2019: The Year of the Cursed, evoking Polish artists and heroes who were cursed, as well as some abandoned or repressed themes.

2020: The Year of Scoffers, devoted to Polish visionaries, abstract, absurd and avant-garde thought, as well as mocking and self-ironic themes in the portrayals of Poland and Poles.