Tue, 03/27/2018 - 12:27
Polish Dance Theatre on the Short Waves Festival 2018

“Initiation” is the first film experiment in Polish Dance Theatre directed by Iwona Pasińska with the hypnotising music of Jacek Sienkiewicz and the ascetic stage design of Andrzej Grabowski, in which all of the props are significant.

Presentation of the production will take place during Short Waves Festival 2018 on March 21 at 3 p.m. at the Muza cinema in Poznań.

Dances with Camera is an international short film competition that showcases films that share a common language of movement and dance. The screenings include films from all over the world, exposing the audience to immense possibilities of physical expression and film portrayal.

The program includes fiction, documentaries, animations, experimental projects and choreographic impressions. There are reflective works, but also films meant to amuse. Just like every year, the program will be filled with dance, corporal narratives and unexpected searches in movement.

Dances with Camera has been a part of Short Waves Festival for 5 years, the screenings consistently meet with enthusiasm of both dance and film aficionados. Hence, for the 10th edition of the festival, in addition to the competition screenings of Dances with Camera, there is also prepared a special screening of Polish dance films, Polish Moves.

Watch the film: Initiation