Magdalena Banachowicz

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

JULITA CHARYTONIUK, voice educator, singer

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

aleksandra dziurosz
ALEKSANDRA DZIUROSZ, choreographer, director

LET THE LIVING BURY THE DEAD (premiere 26 May '17)


A dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance, stage movement and improvisation teacher, deputy director of the Institute of Music and Dance, associate professor of the UMFC in Warsaw, originator of the Warsaw Dance Theater, director of Warsaw Dance Days, an artistic director of the Chopin University Dance Company. As a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, she performed, among others, in: Japan, Spain, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Crete, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. She created choreographies and scenic movement, among others, for: Polish Dance Theater-Poznań Ballet, Kielce Dance Theater, Prague Chamber Ballet (CZ), United Movement (CH)

Igor Gorzkowski

THE HARVEST (premiere: 21 Jan '17) POLKA (premiere: 3 Feb '18)


A director and playwright, co-founder of Studio Teatralne Koło in Warsaw (since 1988) – an independent theater in which he has made most of his performances. He also directed in numerous institutional drama and opera theaters. Nominated two times for the prestigious Warsaw Feliks Theater Award for directing "Starucha/Biddy" (2011) and "Burza/Tempest" (2012). In 2013, he received the Grand Prix at the Two Theaters Festival for his debut radio play inspired by Mewa. Since 2011, he has acted as a deputy artistic director at Teatr Ochota. His original theater has a chamber form that assumes an almost intimate contact between the actor and the viewer. It is a minimalist theater, deprived of staging fireworks.

kaya kołodziejczyk

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

Adam Strug
ADAM STRUG, composer, singer

THE HARVEST (premiere: 21 Jan '17)

A singer and instrumentalist, songwriter, composer of theater and film music, screenwriter, ethnomusicologist. The originator of the Monodia Polska singing group, a practitioner of Polish songs transmitted in the oral tradition. He cooperates with the Polish Dance Theater in the “Żniwa/Harvest” play.

tomasz szczepanek

LET THE LIVING BURY THE DEAD (premiere 26 May '17)


A graduate of the Directing Department of the Theater Academy of Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw, currently a PhD student at the Department of Aesthetics at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw. During his studies, he was an assistant to Agnieszka Glińska and Jerzy Jarocki. He worked as a Literary Consultant in Teatr Studio of Stanisław I. Witkiewicz in Warsaw. There he also staged a directing diploma based on the “Anarchist” by David Mamet in 2013. The author of dramatic texts, including “Warsaw Calling”, based on which he prepared a play in 2015 produced by Teatr Boto and Bemowskie Centrum Kultury.

Daria Woszek
DARIA WOSZEK, playwright

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)