The legal status

The Polish Dance Theatre is a cultural institution, for which the organizer is Wielkopolska Voivodeship Self-Government, entered into the register of cultural institutions ( so called RIK) no. 15 and has legal personality.





 Organizational Rules

 Organizational Chart



Management Authority

According to the Theater's statute, the person managing a cultural institution is a director. The director works with the help of a deputy director and chief accountant. The Theater Council may operate at the Theater as an advisory and opinion-forming body, the composition of which is determined by the Director in consultation with the Board of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship.



GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation





Specifies the report on the implementation of the financial plan for 2016.



Information on kept registers, records and archives

The  archive of the Polish Dance Theater was founded in 2001. Its collection consists both of archival materials and non-archival documentation, covering the period from the Theater's establishment, ie from 1973 to today. Archival materials constitute the resources of the National Archives.

The archive contains artistic documentation that includes:

– premiere documentation

 – newspaper clippings

 – artists’ monographs

 - posters

 – occasional publications

 – audiovisual documentation

 – documentation from workshops and festivals organized by the Polish Dance Theater

– The Polish Dance Theater’s jubilees

– catalogs and repertoires

 as well as non-artistic documentation: administrative, accounting and personal files.