Fri, 11/05/2021 - 19:14
Poles, Art and Dance / PRAGUE / ROME
3 tancerki w kolorowych sukniach na tle przyrody, wszystkie w pozie lekko odchylone w tył, suknie są zwiewnne, w tle trawa i park;

TA MARA and Bória will be presented in Prague and Rome / Cultural Bridges program

On November 5th in Prague and November 14th in Rome, our two choreographic movies: "TA MARA" and "Boria" directed by Iwona Pasińskia will be presented. Presentations will be hosted by Baletto di Roma in Rome and 420 People in Prague.

Artistic activity of Lempicka and Stryjeńska started in 1920’s. They were using different esthetics and styles but both had great impact on culture in Poland and abroad. Dance movies directed by Iwona Pasińska were created 100 years later but one can find artistic continuity, similar inspirations and cultural codes. Both movies are modern in form and full of inspirations taken from painting that shows synthesis of arts and universality of the dance art language.

Both events will be preceded by a presentation of a short documentary titled "Poles, Art and Dance". It gives an art historian insight by Anna Manicka curator of Modern Art Collection at the National Museum in Warsaw as well as a commentary by the Polish Dance Theatre artists.

Polska premiera dokumentu odbędzie się podczas festiwalu 1 strona – 1 spojrzenie – 180 sekund, w terminie 18-19 grudnia 2021, w siedzibie PTT przy ul. Taczaka 8. 

The project is financed within the scope of the Multiannual Program INDEPENDENT 2017-2022, as part of the "Cultural Bridges" subsidy program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Co-financed by the Local Government of the Greater Poland Voivodeship.


Polky, umění a tanec / Nov 5th / 7 pm / studio 420PEOPLE 

Le donne polacche, l'arte e la danza / Nov 14th / 5 pm / Balleto di Roma


Poles, Art and Dance / trailer from Polish Dance Theatre on Vimeo.

dwa połączone zdjecia, na górze scena z filmu Brzemię, tancerze w strojach ludowych, niżej scena z filmu TA MARA, tancerki w kolorowych sukniach na tle przyrody, w parku, poniżej logotypy partnerów projektu