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BORDERS OF NATURE - BORDERS OF CULTURE | 2nd edition of the festival
tytuł festiwalu oraz data 27 kwietnia, w tle na zdjęciu dwie osoby w białych strojach przytulają się z czułością
tytuł festiwalu, zdjęcie w ciemnym zielonym kolorze, mężczyzna nagi leży skulony na ziemi
tytuł festiwalu oraz data 27 kwietnia, Narodowe tańczenie
tytuł festiwalu oraz data 27 kwietnia, Kurka Wodna
tytuł festiwalu oraz data 27 kwietnia, Salve Regina

2nd International Dance Theatres Festival Borders of nature - borders of culture starts on April 27th

The festival first edition took place in 2021 and was organized entirely online. This year we will meet live and we will be hosting dance teams and artists from Norway, Austria, Bolivia and Poland.

The International Dance Theatres Festival Borders of nature - borders of culture collides different styles and understanding of “nature” and “culture” concepts. The festival has to present the richness and variety of the art of dance that does not stay indifferent to surrounding nature.

As part of the second edition of the festival there will be presented:

27.04. (Wed) at 8.00 pm | RITE OF SPRING: THE PRELUDE | Monika Błaszczak and Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo, Poland, Bolivia | buy ticket

28.04. (Thu) at 8.00 pm | Landscape before catastrophe | Hygin Delimat, Austria | buy ticket

29.04. (Fri) at 8.00 pm | The Water Hen or delusion | Polish Dance Theatre, Poland | buy ticket

30.04. (Sat) at 8.00 pm | SALVE REGINA | Jo Strømgren Kompani, Norway | buy ticket

On April 29th, the International Dance Day at 7 pm we invite everyone to NATIONAL DANCING with the participation of dancer-artists of the Polish Dance Theatre, the Stanislaw Hadyna Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” and yours - our amazing audience.


performance 70 pln (adult), 40 pln (reduced) / available at the theatre and via

festival pass (4 performances) 210 pln (adult), 120 pln (reduced) / available only at the theatre 10.00 am - 6 pm (Mon-Fri) or 30 min before events that take place at Taczaka Street 8 (number of passes is limited).



DAY 1 | 27.04. (Wed) at 8.00 pm 

Rite of Spring: The Prelude is a transdisciplinary project by Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo (Bolivia) and Monika Błaszczak (Poland). The work grasps processes of healing, living and relating to one another, within an ongoing research on spectrums of intimacy and human’s relationship to earth. 

In pursuit of a more transparent understanding of pleasure, human relations and fertility, we ignite a garden of celebration of the human body’s ability to create assemblages. As we grieve the loss of our environments, we invoke a space of remembrance of our cosmic nature and our urge to remain living, narrating the essences of our shared experience and our queer forms of feeling.

Understanding the constant displacement from our homes, the transformation of our identities and of the communities that we become a part of, we weave together our South American and Eastern European migrant heritage in order to forge a dialogue with the pasts and futures that haunt us.

As a form of celebrating our youth, our affection and our fertility, we set up scenic landscapes as an enunciation of our shared existence, framing the power of our relationship as a prelude for the rest of time.

The project resulted in a choreographic piece premiered at Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań, as part of Malta Festival 2021, and continued with a series of video works, texts, seminars and photogrammetric objects. „Rite of Spring: The Prelude” is a result of multiple collaborations with Tomasz Armada (costumes), Lucia Lopez Garcia Montejo (video and photogrammetry), Lucas Damiani, Mateusz Sobierajski, Alex Mikołajczak (video); in addition to the support from ZAIKS, Vox-Artis, Department of Culture of the Poznań City Council, Sejf and Dym Recordings, Teatr Nowszy, University of Łódź, Fundacja Talenty, MOS Gorzów, Aula Artis.


Concept, choreography, performance, sound mix: Monika Błaszczak, Luisa Mateo Deupleich Rozo

Costumes: Tomasz Armada

3D photogrammetry scan: Lucia Lopez Garcia Montejo

Cyanotype: Mateusz Spich

Duration: 45 min


Monika Błaszczak is a Polish-Łemko interdisciplinary artist, researcher and choreographer. As an alumni of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London and The National Ballet School in Poznań, she is active in using her experiences to construct choreographic practices that are free from violence, and she does so by supporting dance communities, organising symposiums, and creating spaces for feminst and queer movement-making. She researches the body’s ability to self-heal and the hauntological and spectral dimension of movement. She is also interested in how choreography can provide tools for moving bodies to take care of themselves and the environments they inhabit. She presented work at places such as Tate Modern, Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells, The Barbican, V&A Museum, and others. She’s currently giving weekly open classes at Centrum Pendulum in Poznań. 

Luisa Mateo Dupleich Rozo is a Bolivian multidisciplinary artist, movement researcher and cultural ambassador. Having studied at the Escuela de Ballet Cubano-Boliviano in La Paz and having graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London 2019, Luisa has presented several performance, choreographic and sound-based works in London, Bolivia and Norway, aside from collaborating with a range of other multidisciplinary artists from all over the world. Luisa works with participatory processes for the creation of abstract scenic landscapes for the projection of our human [sub]conscious, looking for alternate languages and collective narratives in order to let our modern sensitivities evolve. 

Luisa and Monika have collaborated in several choreographic and performance based works. Studying together in London, they have supported the cultural sector in their communities by sustaining ephemeral exhibition and performance spaces, nightlife curation and collaborating with several other independent artists and institutions.

photo by Justyna Stachowska-Mazur

DAY 2 | 28.04. (Thu) at 8.00 pm

Landscape before catastrophe - a choreographic picture of inevitability: the decay, destruction and downfall with their preceding periods of silence and peace. Hygin Delimat enters this emotionally charged landscape with a dance solo, in which he sparks a courageous dialogue between a sensitive body and a fragile matter. The piece draws parallels between the universal myths of Atlas and Sisyphus and the contemporary human – including his relationship with the planet. In an atmosphere of a frivolous spirit and a serious responsibility, Hygin Delimat engages in an epic drama, which is further amplified by the music of Henryk Górecki.


Choreography / performance / design: Hygin Delimat

Dramaturgical advice: Bert Gstettner, Noemi Wagner, Łukasz Czapski

Sound design: Hygin Delimat

Music: Henryk Górecki – Symphony No.3, Op.36

Technical assistance: Marcin Denkiewicz

Co-produced in the frame of Artist At Resort at the Tanz*Hotel Vienna


Hygin Delimat is a choreographer, producer and light designer. Very active in the scene in Vienna, he is responsible for Body Architects, Craft Choreography and Mind Culture Podcast. He graduated in Movement Research (M.A.) and Pedagogy (M.A.) from Anton Bruckner University. A holder of the DanceWEB scholarship 2013, Ministry of Culture in Austria and the City of Linz. He performed for Rose Breuss, Elio Gervasi, Georg Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Johanna Roggan, Liv O’Donoghue, Juliette Villemin, Cindy Hammer. For his choreographic work, he received numerous artistic residencies in Europe (Derida Dance, Arts Printing House, artblau Braunschweig, Komuna/Warszawa, O Espaço Do Tempo) as well as in El Salvador, Mexico and Uganda. His work has been shown at international dance festivals, notably at Tanec Praha, Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Polish Dance Platform, FIDCDMX Mexico. He was commissioned to create for architekturforum oberösterreich, Aura Dance Theatre and Wrocław Opera. Hygin researches extreme performance states linked to catastrophes and survival.

photo: Festival Sola Belgrade

DAY 3 | 29.04. (Fri) at 7.00 pm 


DAY 3 | 29.04. (Fri) at 8.00 pm 

Based on the motifs of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's dramas “Kurka wodna”/”The Water Hen”, “Matka”/”Mother”, “Tumor Mózgowicz”/  „Tumor Brainowicz” oraz “Bellatrix”.

The wheel is a metaphor for human fate. The cyclical repetition of events determines the fate of individuals and societies, becoming an insurmountable trap. The performance “Kurka wodna albo urojenie” is an attempt to find an equivalent for this existential experience in the form of dance theater. The sense of “strangeness of existence”, the absurdity of interpersonal situations, the lack of harmony, the disintegration of relations, all contribute to the decadent image of a world in crisis, which, colliding with the revolution, finally ceases to exist. The leitmotif is the drama of an unfulfilled artist who, while trying to escape the constant anguish of unstable personal and family relationships, finds nothing but oppression and boredom, interrupted by short moments of intoxication, and the feeling that “all this has been once before, only a little different”. The performance stops at the borderline between reality and sleep, and it is not known whether each of the characters Edgar encounters really exists or is just a phantasm of imagination. We are like in a dream, like in a reality TV show, in the balance between narration and the manifestation of the Pure Form, nothing that happens is completely real, even death which can happen many times to the same character.

Performance is in the final of the 7th “Klasyka Żywa” Competition for Staging of Old Literature Works.


Igor Gorzkowski – direction and dramaturgy

Iwona Pasińska – choreography

Zbigniew Kozub, Georg Friedrich Händel – music

Andrzej Grabowski – stage design and costumes

Adriana Cygankiewicz – costume collaboration, hairstyles and make-up

Marek Grabowski – video projections

The performance incorporates Sarabande by Georg Friedrich Händel, performed by Camerata Cambrensis conducted by Caroline Collier.


The performance was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, from the Culture Promotion Fund and supported by the Local Government of the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

photo by Andrzej Grabowski

DAY 4 | 30.04. (Sat) at 8.00 pm

Life can be miserable. Indeed. Where do we seek comfort and relief? Salve Regina is an associative journey through different periods of time. An imaginative time travel through anchoring and agitation, power and impotence, feudalism and individualism. The title refers to the Maria hymn, which for thousands of years has given hope and comfort for those who need it. And we still do.

Salve Regina was a co-production between Jo Strømgren Kompani and Oslo Dance Ensemble. As the latter ceased to exist right after the premiere, it’s now a complete JSK production. Its birth was also compromised by the outbreak of Covid-19, but maybe this global misery adds yet another dimension to the piece. Although comfort and relief are universally relevant, the times ahead may prove it to be more necessary than ever.


Choreography, scenography: Jo Strømgren

Original cast: Ellen Lindblad, Henriette Hamli, Mariama Slåttøy, Ariella Casu, Mikael Rønne, Matteo Carvone, Jubal Battisti

New cast 2022: Ellen Lindblad, Henriette Hamli (Angela Dematté), Nora Svendsgård, Mikael Rønne, Jakub Medrzycki, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm (Jason Kittelberger)

Costume design: Bregje van Balen

Lighting design: Stephen Rolfe

Music: Claudio Monteverdi, Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi, Jørgen Knudsen

Artistic director, Oslo Dance Ensemble: Merete Lingjærde

Costume production: Johanna Sutinen

Promo film: Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus Oslo

Supported by: Arts Council Norway

Duration: 70 min


Jo Strømgren - JSK’s artistic director. He was educated as a dancer. Freelance choreographer with a vast range of commissions for ballet companies and contemporary ensembles. Frequently engaged as a theatre director, predominantly with Henrik Ibsen plays. Member of the Writer’s Guild of Norway with a long list of plays produced by national and municipal theatres in Scandinavia.

photo by Erik Berg

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