Thu, 10/04/2018 - 14:06
Polish Dance Theatre in creative EU project

In Rome took place the meeting inaugurating the Clash! Project was held, co-financed under the EU program CREATIVE EUROPE.

5 project partners - Baletto di Roma, University of La Sapienza, Baletto di Roma / Derrida Dance, Companhia de Danca de Almada and Polish Dance Theater - discussed the possibilities of promoting cross-border mobility of artists, allowing them to cooperate in an international environment.

Project participants want to support groups originating from the southern and eastern part of the European Union, traditionally attached to classical ballet production and education, creating performances maintained in contemporary dance aesthetics, requiring other learning tools, internal management system and audience development strategies.

During subsequent meetings, we plan to exchange good practices, define new tools and strategies for dance teams and schools that want to develop educational programs and prepare presentations of contemporary and experimental dance. The partners' task will be to develop and implement a strategy for building and developing the audience, which will help both communicate with the audience less involved in dance performances, and enhance the experience of permanent viewers of contemporary and experimental performative forms.

Project partners will collaborate in laboratories, seminars and workshops, and they will also prepare a review of stage presentations.