Wed, 10/31/2018 - 20:16
The results of the "1 page, 1 view, 180 seconds” competition
1 page - 1 view - 180 seconds

 In 2018 for the second time, the Polish Dance Theatre organized a literary, photographic and film competition entitled "1 page - 1 view - 180 seconds".

 The subject of the competition was to create a work in one of three categories:

 1) literary work in Polish in the forms of an essay, limerick or graphic poem

2) photographic work on the subjects: frame of body expression, frame from a dance theatre performance and a dance frame

3) film work on the subjects: dance reportage, body emotion / emotion in the body, dancing body.

 During the meeting on 31 October 2018, the Jury composed of:

1) Iwona Pasińska - director of the Polish Dance Theatre, chairwoman of the Jury

2) Adriana Mikołajczak - deputy director 

3) Anna Koczorowska - PR specialist

decided to award the following prizes and distinctions.

  I. In the literary category:

 Grand Prix: Patrycja Goleń, “Przewrotna recenzja”/”A perverse review”

First distinction: Katarzyna Rochowicz, “NIE / STAĆ”/”NO / STOP” 

Second distinction: Magdalena Przybylska, (wy)tchnienie/(re)spite  

Third distinction: - Ryszard Błaż, the "Balerina, Mim, Flo from Riga” cycle

 III.          In the photographic category:

 Grand Prix - Aneta Bułka, the “Lament” cycle

First distinction - Magdalena Tomkiewicz, “Zdjęcie 3”/"Picture 3" 

Second distinction - Marta Ankiersztejn, the "Second Body” cycle 

Third distinction - Piotr Jaruga, “Zdjęcie no 1”/"Picture No. 1"

 III.          In the film category:

Grand Prix:  Ilona Gumowska, Marcin Mościcki, “Unrest”  

First distinction: Joanna Mauer, Alexey Torgunakov, “Miłość”/”Love” 

Second distinction:  Oleg Stepanov, Alexey Torgunakov, „Runner_up”  

Third distinction:  Marta Kosieradzka, „Silence of stones” 

 Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the contestants.

The competition organized by the Polish Dance Theatre aims to create a platform for the exchange of ideas around the subject of body expression. We are looking for artistic statements that register a creative approach to the phenomenon of dance, dance theatre and movement. The competition is open and its subject is the creation of a literary work, photography or film which constitute a subjective approach to the art of dance.

 The awards ceremony will take place on 13 December 2018 at Charlie Monroe Kino Malta.

 All the awarded works will be published on the website of the Polish Dance Theatre at the moment of presenting the prizes.

 Regulations of the competition