Mon, 12/31/2018 - 23:59
We begin the Year of the Cursed 2019
The Year of the Cursed

We wish you all, with all your strength,

that 2019 is the time of perishing in fulfilment!

Today we begin

the Year of the Cursed 2019 in the Polish Dance Theatre.

We invite you to a common journey along an indelible route of repressed threads and themes,

taming characters, stories and phenomena of the stigmatized,

forgotten, marginalized, tabooed,

perceived as Jungian shadow ones at the collective or personal level,

but also fascinating, unknown, demanding to be deepened,

or perhaps “rewritten”, reinterpreted, rediscovered.

Let this be the year of uncovering the mechanisms of exclusion,

betraying the “cursed” subtext of known stories,

readiness to see what we are afraid of, in full light and ask the question “why”.



beautiful meetings with the Other

in spite of stereotypes, divisions and boundaries

in the Year of the Cursed 2019

- wishes Iwona Pasińska with the team of the Polish Dance Theatre


 “While burning you do not know whether you are becoming free.

Whether what is yours is to be lost.”

(C.K. Norwid:  Behind the scences)

 – this is the motto of the Year of the Cursed at the Polish Dance Theatre.