Mon, 04/15/2019 - 21:24
In search of Promised Land - open press conference
Promised Land Promised

In quest for spacial metaphor of Promised Land we bumped into  Edmund Szyc’s Stadium. This area, full of greenery and having great culture – creating potential seemed for us to be an ideal scenery to announce the forthcoming premiere of the Polish Dance Theatre. On the 15th of April at 12 pm we would like you to join us there  at open press conference preceding the premiere of „Promised Land Promised” directed by Katarzyna Raduszyńska, choreographed by Artur Bieńkowski, with scenography, video and costumes designed by Paweł Walicki.This meeting, with the participation of authors of spectacle, who won the competition to realize the premiere, will be complemented with dance-movement sequence improvised by Artur Bieńkowski. It will be also a fine occasion to talk to Iwona Pasińska, director of te Polish Dance Theatre,a bot theatre’s plans for the nearest future.

The event is absolutely open to everyone who would be eager to come. Free entrance!


Entrance to Edmund’s Szyc Stadium during the press conference will be from Jana Spychalskiego Street side ( once Chwiałkowskiego) Just opposite of POSIR’s management headquarters.