Sun, 08/25/2019 - 13:26
12 years ago Conrad Drzewiecki passed away
Conrad Drzewiecki

Today is the12th anniversary of Conrad Drzewiecki’s death - he was the establisher of the Polish Dance Theatre - Poznań Ballet, a prominent dancer and choreographer whose visionary passion, creative fantasy and uninhibited imagination became nucleus of colourful and lasting legend. 

This great Artist, crossing the borders of motion habits and conventions, eager to draw from folklore and polish contemporary music, author of `Miraculous Mandarine’, `Epitaph for Don Juan’, `Eternal Songs’, `Stabat Mater’ or `Krzesany’ remains for our theatre the crucial - if not the most crucial - point of reference. 

If it hadn’t been for his pursuit of independence, we wouldn’t probably be an

autonomous cultural institution. We are craving to complete his work by building our own headquarters about which he dreamt so much. 

With group of dancers who co - created his team we feel connection which is maintained during jubilees and other meetings and which is a part of our Theatre’s uncommonness.  And his spirit of artistic quest, experiment, search of new spaces for art, impulses for creation and means of expression accompanies us every day. And we remember!

Photo by Zbigniew Staszyszyn