Mon, 01/18/2021 - 09:35
Movement improvisation workshops with Michal Przybyła

We have a proposition for people who think of movement as a new experience, a constant search, the development of natural reactions and spontaneous action. From 18 to 22 January 2021 from 10.00 am to 11.30 am we invite you to movement improvisation workshops that will be hosted by Michał Przybyła, a dancer, choreographer and teacher, with the participation of artists-dancers of the Polish Dance Theatre. 

Description of workshops:

The movement improvisation workshops are a space of free movement  for all those willing and open to new psychophysical experiences, including those who dance and those without any experience in the field of dance. By learning about the possibilities of our own body, we will discover the pleasure of dance and movement, but also of fun, liberation and energy. Through visualization tasks, participants will deepen their body awareness and contact with their own physicality. The work on imaginations and sensuality of the body will lead to an intensive search in terms of movement. By adapting the tasks to individual interpretation skills, but also physical and spatial conditions, each participant will have a chance to explore new strategies of creative thinking and formation (Michał Przybyła). 

The host: 

Michał Przybyła – a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, graduate of Bachelor's studies at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź in the field of dance and choreography. He completed the MASA program and the internship organized by Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. He was a choreographer and director of the spectacle “MOVE to me” in Łódź (2016), which he co-created with the Urban Movement group. In 2018 he started the project “Live Initiative” aimed at dancers and people with physical disabilities, which he carried out in the Pavilion in Poznan and created choreography for the theatrical performance “Ausgang” directed by Mirek Kaczmarek in the Dramatic Theatre in Walbrzych. Together with Dominik Więcek he founded an informal creative collective, Direct Message Collective, which created the spectacle “Bromance” as part of the “New Generation” residency organized by the Working Stage in Poznań. The performance was awarded the second prize in the “The Best OFF” Competition for the Best Spectacle of an Independent Theatre and received a distinction during the 54th Kontrapunkt 2019 Small Theatre Review. Between 2016 and 2020 Michał Przybyła was an artist-dancer at the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan. Since 2020 he has been conducting his own series of talks with dance artists:  Ciało doskonałe/Perfect body, published on the website He cooperates with the Cracow Dance Theatre, the Cracow Choreographic Center, the Swirl Dance Theatre (Teatr Tańca Zawirowania). In October 2020 he was a dancer in The Royal Theatre of La Monnaie in the opera “Die tote Stadt” directed by Mariusz Treliński and choreographed by Tomasz Wygoda. In 2020 he received a creative scholarship from the City of Cracow and became a resident of the Center for Theatre and Dance in Warsaw, where he created the spectacle “Symmetry”. He also received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Together with Dominik Więcek, he is a resident of TanzFaktur in Köln, Germany as part of the INKUBATOR 2020 program.

The workshops will be conducted both in Polish and English.

Music: Pimon Lekler 

Link to buy tickets for the 18th of January